Logik Wool

The company

Benjamin Júnior

Logik Lda is a company that has been engaged in the production of fancy yarn based in Covilhã since 1973. Founded by Carlos Benjamim, which later originated the trademark Benjamim Júnior, the company has been in the same family for 3 generations and has 30 industrial machines to make the vast majority of fancy yarns, from bouclets to bobbins, to ribbons, fringes and downs. The know-how accumulated over 4 decades of activity allows us to present a wide range of ready-made references, but also to provide our customers with a choice of raw material and / or wire design work to match the end product exactly to your needs like the Italian range.

Our Brands

We produce knitting yarn, polyester, nylon, cotton, other blends and other fibers, wool, polyester / cotton, cotton (100%), artificial fibers, not carded or combed. We work with hollow spindle, the latest twisting technology for fancy yarns.
Our brand is sold directly to the public from our own creations, but also the fancy thread for the designer looking for a unique design and composition tailored to his creations.
A new brand will be born...


OKO tex Certified

We have environmental concerns and awareness that the entire industrial production process impacts the environment. We want to have a positive impact on the planet. To achieve this, we are moving towards a zero waste objective in our production process. We reduce waste, recycle yarn and reuse it creatively.

Reliable Textiles

Zero Waste Objective

Because your health is important to us, our products are free of substances harmful to your human health and we take great care to reduce the ecological footprint throughout the textile production process. We walk to certify all our wires with the OEKO-TEX mark, the international certification that guarantees that all wires have been tested and certified by an independent body and are free from any harmful or irritating substance to the skin.